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Welcome to the NEW Burger Divas Website!

We are thrilled to have you here. Take a bite into our first post and learn what we've been cooking up for years.

Charlotte’s food scene has grown tremendously since 2010. When I first got here places like VBGB, Bad Daddy’s and Brook’s Sandwich Shop were special. They were specific to your taste and ready to please your palette. Brooks Sandwich Shop is an exclusive hole in the wall with a sloppy burger that will blow your mind. These places are still special and I believe made restaurateurs level up. Now we have Moo & Brew, Ace No.3 and many more. Even the amount of bloggers have grown. It’s provided a voice for the people to make informed decisions. It created friendly competition of who ate it best; of who provided such a detailed description and a picture to make your mouth water. As for me it’s always about finding that perfect burger when you are hungry. Finding that perfect spot that brought all your senses together to enjoy the moment. That perfect burger that you got to share all while breaking bread with some friends. This is my first entry for my new website. This is my testimony to all you burger lovers. I promise to make this site a burger sanctuary. A place where you can find a well informed burger review as well as the latest and greatest places to eat here or anywhere.

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