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Time for The Holiday's

The holidays are upon us! What are you most excited about during this season? Me? I'm excited about spending time with my family, and of course, having a delicious home-cooked meal! I look forward to opening presents with loved ones and seeing everyone’s faces as they open their gifts. 


This year I felt more festive than in years past. I put up my tree and decorations before Thanksgiving. I started shopping for presents early and even added a ton of personalized sentiments.  

I love Christmas! It’s always been special to me. My mom and dad would go all out for my sister and me when we were younger. We lived in a 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY. My mom would tell us that Santa was going to deliver presents daily, but the big presents would arrive the night before. I'll never forget my sister and I wanted the Barbie House and her Corvette. We begged for it, and my mom said maybe. Sure enough it was there on Christmas morning! My parents made it happen! That was one of the best Christmases ever. 


Now let’s talk about the food! One of the best scents that reminds me of Christmas is cinnamon. My mom would make hot cocoa for my sister and me, and she would always add some cinnamon. We would have dinner before meeting up with the other families. Our Haitian family did not eat pikliz because my dad would get bad hiccups.  Our menu usually consisted of a stuffed, whole chicken, red rice and beans, and macaroni au gratin.  

Just thinking about it now brings back warm memories!  We've created new memories for my niece since my mom has been gone. This year I'm adding a burger to the menu. I’m also thinking about having chicken, cranberry sauce, and brie cheese.  

What food brings back warm memories for you during the holidays?

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