Meet Joe, The Owner of Bang Bang Burgers!

There are 2 locations one in Southend on Tremont and the other in Plaza Midwood on 7th Street. When you ask him if he wants more, he says they are like kids. It’s a labor of love. He has been a chef for over 20 years now and all of this comes with the territory. 

Bang Bang Burgers hands down have made a name for themselves here in Charlotte, NC. They were featured on Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives. Joe says that it was an awesome experience and game-changer. When you own a restaurant besides cooking, there is marketing and promotion. Being on the show provided that and more. 

Bang Bang has also participated in a few competitions where he has won multiple times. 

The Moo & Brew competition 3 years in a row and the Charlotte Agenda competition 2 years.

When it comes to his cooking technique all the burgers are cooked on a grill. The surface of the grill is coated in corn oil. The grill is organized as orders come in, this makes it easier to function. An organized kitchen is key to his success.  All key ingredients are stationed in proximity to the burger, so that as orders come in its arms reach. The buns are toasted with a little butter. He was taught when you toast the buns it gives you more flavor. 

I have known Joe for quite some time. I try to call him Chef but he doesn't feel like he should be called chef because it's for the people in the white coats. Chefs are known for being intimidating but are respected for their craft. A chef feeds you their food, what they want you to eat. However, at Bang Bang Burgers, Joe wants to connect with the people and put together what he thinks they want to eat. Uses inspiration from some steakhouses and incorporates that to a burger. He likes to cook and make things that people will enjoy eating. 


If you’re in Charlotte, NC and are looking for a great burger check out Bang Bang Burgers, tell them Burger Divas sent you. 


Order UP!!