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Meet the Diva:

Dianna Nicolas

The Burger Divas founder, Dianna Nicolas, is from Newark, NJ by way of Brooklyn, NY but now resides in Charlotte, NC. She's also lived in Chicago, IL and has ties in West Palm Beach, FL. She went to Johnson and Wales University and got her bachelor's degree in International Business but secretly wanting to major in Culinary Arts. Burgerdivas was started in New York, NY but was established as a blog in Charlotte, NC. 


Her family is from Haiti. Her uncle used to make his own burger patties from scratch and cooked them on the grill. He would incorporate our traditional Haitian flavors in the patties. They were always perfectly cooked and juicy. We didn't get to eat American food all the time but when we had a chance to it was Mcdonalds. That was great as a kid but when we were having a BBQ my uncle's burgers were the burgers of choice.


I chose burgers because it's a traditional dish that always appeals to every person's taste buds no matter where you're from. It goes well with a beer, wine, cola, or water. 


She's quickly gained a following among top Burger Restaurants and among her peers as the go-to person in the know for the best burgers in Charlotte. She's been nominated for the Charlotte Web Awards for best food blog. Hosted 4 shows on YouTube for Burger Divas TV and is sought by many restaurants to come and taste their burgers. She produced and hosted a show on public access TV called around Charlotte.  

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