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I always get asked where my top burger places are to eat here in Charlotte, NC. I have tried so many it makes my list vary a lot. However, I do have a top 5 list.


1. Ten58

I love a good sports bar, especially one opened by a former football player. What I love about this place its a bar and a lounge. Grown and Sexy. The menu is broken out into football references, which I love. They have simple food options. Wings, dips, nachos. and my favorite sliders. Also known as "The Bench Warmers". They were perfect and delicious. You get 2 and they are topped with cheddar, crispy bacon, crunchy pickles, lettuce, sliced tomato and a savory garlic aioli. You also get a side of fries. I mean. 


Puttery CLT

I am not a golfer but what I like about Puttery CLT is that its not just about putt putt and aesthetics but its about the food and drinks as well. They could have focused on Golf alone but they didn’t. From the pizza to the sliders you will not be disappointed. Your golf game/score can let you down. Mini beef sliders with bacon, plump tomato and shredded lettuce. I love shredded lettuce. The way it mixes with the sauce, yum.


3. Queen City Craft and Gourmet

Just outside the city limits of Charlotte is Queen City Craft and Gourmet.  The burger is a smash style burger packed with flavor, seasoned evenly and mouth watering. Double patty and melted cheese in between them and on top. Thinly sliced pickles, a bunch of them between toasted buns. People run don’t walk to Queen City Craft and Gourmet.


Legion Brewery

When a brewery also offers food it’s a food affair that can’t be denied. It’s big food menu but the caramelized short rib sliders are the star to me. Stacked with kimchi slaw, flavors like Korean BBQ, a monterrey Jack cheese and a sesame dressing. People the short rib melted in your mouth When you bite into this slider you close your eyes. Praying on it not end. I had the nerve to share this slider. Never again. Order your own when you go. 


5. Brooks

Sandwich Shop

Sloppy, greasy and down right home style burgers are what you will get when you go to Brooks. I like to call it the most exclusive hole in the wall burger spot. It has limited hours and lines wrapped around the build. You have to get there early and it is worth it. A  thin patty and I like to add cheese. You can add chilli and I do,  which is like a dollop and a half. Like a giant scoop of blow your mind chilli. By the time they put the top bun it’s already coming down the sides. Just writing this and my mouth is watering. If you’re looking for a backyard burger and not wearing your sunday best go to Brooks, you will not be disappointed.

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