I always get asked where my top burger places are to eat here in Charlotte, NC. I have tried so many it makes my list vary a lot. However, I do have a top 5 list.


1. Bae's Burgers Food Truck

Love me some Bae's. This food truck is at the top of my list for the best food truck burger in town. That burger is stacked like a bae and filled with perfection. The Boss is what I get, I’m a Diva like Ms. Ross so it’s only fitting. The burger is 2 patties topped with crispy smoked bacon, grilled onions, American cheese and garlic aioli. 


2. What The Fries

What the Fries is a great play on words and a great play on over loaded fries. From fries loaded with shrimp, lobster or flaming hot Cheetos. I have tried the flaming hot Cheetos fries and they are delicious. The fries are cooked with a crisp softness to taste. It was covered in their signature yum yum sauce. It taste cheesy but they do not share they secret. Dusted on the top is flaming crushed hot Cheetos. The right amount of heat and sweet. Something you must try when they are in your hood.


3. Bleu Barn Bistro

Bleu Barn Bistro has one of the best Chicken Burgers on a food truck here in Charlotte, NC. The burger is flavorful, seasoned to perfection and delicious. I’ve made ground chicken before and my biggest argument is the lack of flavor. I either over or under season it. Bleu Barn does a great job with it. The burger is topped fresh mozzarella, baby arugla, shaved red onions, pesto, and chipotle maple aioli all on a toasted pretzel bun.


4. Corner Bar

When restaurants are intimate and a menu is curated to match that intimacy it’s a food affair that can’t be denied. It’s limited menu only offers 2 burgers, one basic and one BBQ. The Burger is stacked high, the patty is thick and savory, the fixings are crisp and fresh. When you bite into this burger you close your eyes. Mainly because you praying on a nice big bite and also because you know you’re about to be enticed.


5. Brooks

Sandwich Shop

Sloppy, greasy and down right home style burgers are what you will get when you go to Brooks. I like to call it the most exclusive hole in the wall burger spot. It has limited hours and lines wrapped around the build. You have to get there early and it is worth it. A  thin patty and I like to add cheese. You can add chilli and I do,  which is like a dollop and a half. Like a giant scoop of blow your mind chilli. By the time they put the top bun it’s already coming down the sides. Just writing this and my mouth is watering. If you’re looking for a backyard burger and not wearing your sunday best go to Brooks, you will not be disappointed.