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Misrepresentation of Burgers

What did you say your specialty was again? Burgers. I think you need to try again. Have you ever been disappointed by a bad burger?

I was referred to this burger spot, so my expectations were high. I always order the signature burger. That is the most important burger because you named it after the restaurant.

The patty was made out of Wagyu (Japanese Black Cow Beef). Please note this is top of the line ground beef. It was topped on a bed of lettuce, dressed in a teriyaki glaze, nori furikake, some mayo and tempura fried avocado. When you think of all those flavors you’re expecting goodness beyond this world. I had to send it back, the patty was cold. I was so disappointed. I don’t like to send food back, really you shouldn’t have too.

The new burger comes back and its piping hot. The texture is wet you can tell they coated that burger with the teriyaki glaze. The tempura fried avocado looked nice and crisp and you can see the nori seasoning. Now close your eyes and take this bite with me.

There was no flavor and it was really undercooked. I took another bite just to see but I was so disappointed. It lacked life. Because this was a referred spot it deserves a second chance but stand on good work. If you’re a burger spot make sure whoever is in that kitchen is happy and ready to represent you the best way possible.

Everyone should always try something for themselves. Opinions are a dime a dozen but food recommendations by word a mouth travels far. You have one job to do and that be good at your title.

Order Up!!

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