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Superica Charlotte

I love when a restaurant can make a burger that compliments their personality. I went to Superica on Burger Tuesday to catch up with some friends of course have a burger.

The restaurant is huge and fashioned in Latin culture and wares. The staff was friendly and the mood of food was in the air. Ordered some Cadillac frozen Margaritas. This type of margarita has a Grand Marnier topper. This is my new way of drink margarita. I ask for it where ever I go.

The house chips and salsa style guacamole, were up next. I honestly could not stop eating it. When you think of guacamole it’s more of a textured mixture. However this particular version had more of a liquid consistency, It was so good just thinking about it now makes me want to go back.

The burger which is called “Hamburgesa Superica.” Think of it as perfectly seasoned taco meat made into a burger and dressed it is finest fixings. American cheese, Chili con carne, mustard, lettuce pickles and onions. Burger enthusiast everywhere I fell in love. That burger made me want to dance to a Latin sound. It had rhythm it had rhyme. It said buenos dias and buenas noches.

Superica you were super, I will be back!!!

Order UP!!

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