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Oh My Soul

I love a black bean 🍔 and Oh My Soul has the best one in Charlotte. Yes I said it!!

It’s called King Kong! The name alone should tell you amazing it is. It’s a double stacked spicy black bean patty. That sits on a lightly toasted sesame seed bread. Topped with cheese that covered the patty like the perfect hat. Dressed with guacamole, friendly crispy bacon, it tasted like the real thing. Embellished with pickles, red cabbage, juicy tomato, red onion, crispy lettuce and chili mayo.

It was so delicious and the seasoned fries were perfection as well!!

I have to give credit to my friend Koreen. When she first recommended it I was not a fan but I am changing my tune.

Rating of 10/10 so good!!

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