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No Rush Burgers

Coming back from a weekend trip to Charleston, we stopped at this diner style restaurant in Columbia, SC called Rush’s.

It was very non descriptive and could almost be a whole in the wall. Not fancy and unless you’ve been told the food is good here, you’re probably not stopping by.

However, I was told they have a great burger.

I ordered the cheeseburger deluxe basket with all the fixings. In a matter of seconds it’s ready. I sit, open my bag and pull out my burger and fries. It’s the most basic thing I’ve seen.

The cheese was melted over the lettuce. Insert wide eyed emoji. It had a smear of mustard and no ketchup. If you don’t offer a special sauce with your burger, you must add ketchup. The patty was cooked well done and it was thick too. Nice and fat. The buns were just buns, not toasted or anything.

Now I finished my burger and housed my fries, I was hungry. But that doesn’t mean it was good. It was edible. I had to feed my belly.

The place was packed so it was the place to be but nothing to drive an hour away for.

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