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Burger Toppings

Often times when you think of of Burger toppings, it’s always the usual suspects. Your cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. These are your staples, these are the making of a classic burger.

Burgers have evolved and so have the toppings. You can add French fries, onion rings, an extra burger patty and mounds of crispy bacon. I recently added mozzarella sticks. There are even stuffed burgers which takes this concept to another level. I appreciate how much growth burgers have had. I always say when you’re hungry the first thing you think about is a burger. Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Burgers are now offered in planted based form and taste just like the real thing.

The mozzarella stick burger I made the other day, I found a recipe online. Now if you follow me on my instagram live shows you know I always find the fast way to do things. I found some pre-made sticks in the freezer isle. I bought the TGIF brand which comes with the marinara sauce. For the ground beef I used 80/20. This is perfect for a juicy burger as well for the air fryer. Cooked it up and put it all together on my buns. Instead of ketchup I used the marinara sauce that was provided. Not only was this something different it was something good. I loved all the different textures that you can feel with every bite.

If your adventurous when it comes to food what is the craziest thing you had topped on a burger?!

Order Up.

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