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What the Beans

Spot in Fort Mill that offers Tenders, Wings, Fries and Burgers. Rating 7/10

Atmosphere was perfect. Service was amazing and offerings were plenty.

If you tell me there will be chili on a burger I’m expecting sloppy and messy. Slaw chopped and topped. Raw onions diced perfectly.

The chili had more beans than sauce and meat, which makes for a dry burger. The onions were chopped not diced which made for big crunch and lingering taste. I needed a little bit more slaw to match the mustard.

You get 2 Pattie’s stacked and thin with the right amount of seasoning. It was cooked a little too well done.

I ordered a side salad to make me feel good. I did peep the fries from the guy sitting next to me. They looked good and he finished them.

For my drink it was the strawberry jalapeño pineapple margarita yum yum yum. Now that was delicious !

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