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The Garrison

Rating 10/10. The location was quaint and the service was attentive. The burger offerings were plenty.

Started with two appetizers, fried green tomatoes top with pimento cheese and crab hush puppies served with a side of tartar sauce. I loved the crab hush puppies. Originally they brought butter which did not go well, but we asked for tartar sauce, which was a better pairing.

For my burger, I ordered the signature burger called the Garrison. Which was a classic burger with no frills.

It had crispy applewood bacon, melted American cheese that didn’t wrap the burger. LTOP: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and a burger sauce. I didn’t really taste the a burger sauce, but I didn’t have to add ketchup. It was subtle.

The patty, I asked for it to be cooked medium well with a pink center. It cooked to perfection.

That burger was delicious. It was like a backyard burger that you make during the summer. I loved it and we’ll go back.

It came with a side of shoestring fries which looked more like a McDonald’s french fries they were good.

For dessert I did the tiramisu I wouldn’t recommend it.

I enjoyed my experience at The Garrison. The location is great. The restaurant is classy. They have an upstairs downstairs and the service was great. Definitely worth going to check it out. Especially for the burger!!

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