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The Exchange

I don’t know about you, but any type of meat between 2 buns is a burger to me! I stopped by The Exchange for their Spam Burger—3 Spam Sliders to be exact! The smell in the air brought back fond memories of me having this delicacy when I was young.

Mitchell, the chef and bartender, cooked the citrus & soy-marinated spam on a panini grill.  He then placed the sliders on top of bacon pimento cheese between a sweet Hawaiian bun. The bun had a smoked paprika aioli and was topped with a pickled cucumber that was very tart.

I enjoyed the sliders. They were different and flavorful, but I think Spam is exclusive enough that it doesn’t need to be marinated. Still, I enjoyed the pairing of the pimento cheese and the sweet Hawaiian buns.  Next time, I will likely try something else on the menu.

The Exchange’s menu was sizable for mostly panini-made meals, and they did offer wings (shoulder shrug). Between sandwiches, flatbreads, and salads, this place is perfect for light eating and heavy drinking!!

Order up!!

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