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Emmy’s Burgers not Pizza

On Twosday, I went to Emmy Squared Pizza—how fitting?! Get it?!

The atmosphere is Brooklyn meets Detroit—a Detroit-style pizza spot with a Brooklyn background. The lighting is dim, the seating is quaint, and the staff is friendly.

They are known for their pizza, but I was told about their Burger. So I came to see for myself, and I was not disappointed. It’s called Le Big Matt. Le Big Matt features two juicy, slightly thin patties both topped with cheese, cooked to perfection and seasoned with grace. There were some sweet pickles and a couple leafy greens. The most flavorful part was the Sammy’s Sauce. My goodness!! It was the perfect compliment–spicy and savory with every bite.

I added a side of their waffle fries, and it paired perfectly!!

I would definitely come back here for their burger and…… pizza

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courtney byrd
courtney byrd

Thoughtful and playful takes on varies burgers…way to go Burgerdivas!! 🍔

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