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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday

Brunch is my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Today I went to Easy Like Sunday. I love the name of this place and now having had the food I love them even more. Even the staff was easy, friendly and like you’ve been friends forever.

Brunch is pancakes and mimosas. Or French toast with some bacon and can’t forget mimosas. However when a burger is offered on the menu, I have to do it.

I am so happy I did for this spot!

It’s simply called the Brunch Burger and it features and Egg which I had over medium. I love a good runny egg. The drizzle down the side of the burger, yum. It had cowboy bacon. I promise on everything burgerdivas is this was the best addition to a burger I’ve ever had. This bacon was like a piece of heaven. It was sweet and soft and just delicious. The perfect compliment to this brunch burger. There was a chipotle slaw, and white cheddar all seated on brioche buns.

I can’t forget the specialty mimosa, yes I said specialty mimosa. I chose the peach lavender and my gosh it was easy like Sunday!

Easy Like Sunday you were the epitome of a brunch spot. I loved it all, thank you!!

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