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Bodega Deli

If you’re from NY you’re familiar with the word Bodega. You’re also familiar with the food provided at the bodegas. Quantity food at hood prices.

Today I went to the Bodega Deli here in Charlotte located on Albemarle Rd in a shopping center. As soon as you turn into the lot you see the sign clear as day! Love that because Charlotte is growing so much and sometimes if your sign is not right you will miss it.

Okay back to burger talk, I was trolling on Instagram for new burger spots to try and came across an instagram reel of their Columbian Burger.

This Columbian burger was an 8oz burger patty cooked well done. It was topped with American cheese that draped the burger and adorned by crushed lays chips. I wish they could have kept some whole pieces for crunchiness. The sauce, it was a garlic Mayo, pineapple marmalade pink sauce. Now when you think of garlic Mayo mixed with pineapple marmalade, you think nope. But burger lovers it was good, it was smooth not chunky. The taste was tangy and mixed with the saltiness of the lays chips very delightful. I was scoping it up with my fries, should have gotten more sauce as a side. There was Colombian sausage and I wanted more, I love sausage and it the perfect compliment to the burger. In the video it was perfectly sized with the burger, I think I got gypped. Greedy Dianna over here. I would have preferred my bacon crispier for texture but more meat is never bad. Finished up with some fixing of lettuce and tomato and boom you have yourself one badass Colombian….. Burger

Order Up!!

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