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Billy Jack Shack

When in doubt go where you know you’ll enjoy the burger. Billy Jacks never disappoints me. From sliders to full size burgers they offer a variety to please everyone’s taste.

I went with Greg Brady and Shooter MCGAVIN.

Greg Brady: mini grass fed angus beef patty, fried Mac & Cheese patty, a slice of American Cheese and ruffle BBQ chips that had a little kick.

Shooter MCGAVIN: mini grass fed angus beef patty, thick cut bacon, caramelized onions, slice of American cheese and BBQ sauce that reminded me of a certain golden arch sauce. This one was my favorite.

BBQ sauce is not my favorite sauce however, these two sliders were delicious. Small and impactful flavor and ingredients. I paired this with a side of crinkle fries.

Billy Jack’s ambiance is a quaint shack that plays great old school R&B music. The service is welcoming and overall great vibe!

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