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Archway Burgers for Humanity

I traveled to Fayetteville, NC this weekend to help a friend out. I took this opportunity to find a burger spot, Archway Burgers.

It was located downtown in a brick building with weathered red doors. The space intimate and friendly. We were immediately greeted by a woman who saw on my face I hadn’t been there before. She told me exactly what to do.

I fill out my paper with what I wanted. Single patty, American cheese, LTO, ketchup, mustard and mayo. I added a side of chili and fried okra. No french fries this time especially after I saw the fried okra.

As we’re waiting for our food an older woman and man who happen to be without were seated eating. I don’t want to assume but they looked homeless. Instead of being mean and kicking them out they were treated like human beings. Even offered them additional food of extras on hand. That was so moving. You don’t really see that, people being nice to people. This restaurant’s actions spoke volumes.

The burger, I’m not the best at letting restaurant owners know I blog about burgers but my friend Ebony was ready to tell them for me. With this news Peter, the owner, had me try their coleslaw and beer battered onions.

The burger was a smash burger, lightly seasoned topped with melted American cheese. Y’all the bread was so soft, barely toasted but you can see it. I had to 2 hand it. I normally don’t eat a whole burger. Peeps I housed it. I mean finished. Stopped for an okra maybe. It was delicious!

I also ordered a hotdog and oh my goodness this hotdog was served between buns made out of what looked like Texas toast and it was buttered on both sides and nicely toasted. It amazing!

I enjoyed this burger and hotdog so much, told my friend we have to go back!

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