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Weekend Getaway to Tampa, FL

When you think of Florida do you think of Tampa? Unless you’re a sports fan it’s probably not a destination like Orlando or Miami.

A friend felt differently and wanted to celebrate their birthday down there. It was right after Spring Break which was perfect. Didn’t have the huge crowds or hiked up pricing.

Before visiting I did some research on places to eat. He managed the beaches and activities.

First food spot was Rancheros. Its a standing food truck right in seminole heights. I ordered the carne asada, barbacoa and carnitas.

When I order tacos I get them in the corn tortilla. It just taste better to me and feels authentic. The tacos were topped with diced red onions and cilantro. The cilantro took over the plate, so I brushed some off. The meat was tender and the pulled pork was perfect.

Next up another taco spot similar set up called Hector’s Mexican Food. I switched up the order and added 2 chicken tacos and one carne asada.

The chicken was absolutely delicious. It so well seasoned and cut up. We also ordered yellow and rice and black beans, the perfect compliment.

Tampa has a big Cuban population. We wanted to try an authentic Cuban sandwich. The Flan Factory offered just that. When I tell you it was amazing, I put my name on it.

El Tampeno, slow roasted cuban pork it was so soft and flavorful. Add Genoa salami, serrano ham, thinly sliced melted Swiss cheese. Pickles, mayo and mustard for the cream and the punch. All pressed on warm Cuban bread. My mouth is watering right this.

Went back the next day to try the Empanadas and the special; Salmon Burger. I was not disappointed.

One bite of the empanadas and the meat is oozing out. The oil from the ground beef is sliding down your hands. Took me back to home.

The Burger was good, I saved it for the beach. So it was cold and not warm, the way I should have had it. But it wasn’t fishy. I added a Cilantro creme and just yummy.

Overall this was an amazing weekend getaway. Beaches visited were Clearwater and St Pete’s. Also checked out Tropicana Field. There was no game but got some athletic gear.

I can see myself going back again for sure.

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