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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

When I think of burgers I always l think of beef. To me that defines a burger. A good medium well cooked burger with lettuce, tomato and onions. Some ketchup, mustard and of course mayo. All of this makes a great burger however, today there are so many options for ground meat. You can get ground chicken, pork and of course a favorite for many turkey. There are even plant based burgers that literally taste like the real deal.

I tried for the first time the Beyond Meat Burger. This has a huge following and is sponsored by many celebrities. Even fast food restaurants now offer plant based burgers.

I bought it from the local supermarket. It’s only 2 patties and they tell you to keep it in the freezer until you are about to cook it. To thaw it out you must put it in the refrigerator. I did not do that. I thawed it out in the sink. When I was ready to cook, opened the package and tried to take out the patty however it was mushy. That was my mistake. I like to say reading is fundamental. Anyway I was not pleased with the smell. It was off putting to be 100% honest.

I normally cook my burgers, any type, in the air fryer. To me it provided the best cooked burger. Just have to be mindful of what you are making. The time you are cooking it for and the ingredients.

Back to the Beyond Meat Burger. I cooked it on the skillet with some EVOO over medium heat. The package says to cook 4 mins on each side. I over cooked it. Once I got some good coloring on both sides I set up my buns and fixings. It was delicious. I really enjoyed this burger. I didn’t even need salt or pepper, I had it ready though.

For people who are looking for other options this is perfect. It taste so real, that I bamboozled my dad. He thought it was an actual beef burger. After he expressed his love for it, I told him the truth and eve he was shocked.

Moral of the story is give it a try.

Order Up!!

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