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Burger and Drink Pairings

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

When you have the opportunity to pair a burger with a drink, do it. It creates an intimate experience in your mouth. I’ve had several events at VBGB, which is a beer hall here in Charlotte, NC. The owner Tom is very good at hearing the burger flavors that the Chef and I come up with and marrying it with the perfect drink. Anything from beer to wine or ciders. I admire him for that.

Anything from reds, whites and Rosés Red’s with beef burger, white’s with turkey burgers and Rosé with anything. As you can see my favorite out of the three is Rosé. I love the color and taste. It’s best with soft cheeses like gouda or gruyere.

My home collection of wines has grown. I joined a wine club to try more brands. I talk to my local wine guy at Publix and he offers up some great suggestions. I know what you’re thinking, does Publix have good wine? But mine does. Derek is awesome and full of knowledge. From Gnarly Head 1924 to Educated Guess. Both are reds, Derek is not a fan of Rosé. I do my research for those! Another thing that gets me are labels, I judge a book by it’s cover. If you took the time to design a badass label, sold to the burger diva.

What do you pair with your burgers?!

Order Up!!

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