Who I am: Dianna Nicolas.
What I’m about: Food, but mainly burgers. So, welcome to this Diva’s world.

bd-bio-pic-3Born in Brooklyn, New York, I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, although deep down in my heart, I was always attracted by the Culinary Arts. Food, to me, brings people together. Don’t we always put all our differences aside to enjoy a good meal?! Additionally, I’ve always loved and enjoyed cooking. My biggest dream was to take that realization backed by the love for burgers to a higher level.

The concept came together in New York, NY in 2010, while I was enjoying a burger with my best friend at the Shake Shack. Later, I got the opportunity to move to Charlotte, NC to pursue my career in retail, and then, again, as I was savoring a burger at a local restaurant, I decided to launch Burgerdivas.com in March of 2011.

Burger Divas traveled to Chicago, IL, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV and New York, NY to enjoy, see, taste and experience burger flavors. However, Charlotte, NC is my real stomping ground. Here, I have created some strong relationships and friendships with Chefs from small Mom and Pop shops to fancy 5 Star restaurants. A good burger is always what I’m after, and numerous Chefs have reached out to me to see if they have it! Grand openings, new establishments, history-filled places and mobile food trucks have looked for the Diva to tag their burgers as a burger to try in Charlotte, NC.

I was recently nominated for a Charlotte Web Award from Elevate Magazine and have beenbd-bio-pic-4 tweeted by Chef Symon from the B Spot, a burger restaurant in Cleveland, OH. I’m followed by Zagats who also makes recommendations on the burger spots to hit while in town.

Today, I have shows on Youtube.com of restaurant reviews called BurgerDivas TV. In October, BurgerDivas will launch a biweekly show on Public Access Television to bring the chefs behind the buns who make the burgers. The Diva’s first current goal is to host the site for burger lovers to visit for the best burgers in town.

Burger Divas Cultural Events came about because of Charlotte’s food scene and growth. The local palettes have evolved and people are ready to experiment new trends. Burger Divas Events will bring an eclectic mix that looks forward to satisfy even the most sophisticated palette. It’s a menu exclusive for that event and the guest.