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Pump your Breaks

When your restaurant is right off of a body of water do you really have to have a good burger? That is what I am asking myself as I was eating the burger at this restaurant. From the view of river to the temperature of the weather and the friendliness of the staff I was expecting this burger to blow my sunglasses off but instead it did the opposite. It didn’t live up to the hype of the listed ingredients. 
This restaurant is located in Rock Hill in an area that is sure to grow exponentially in the next year or so. The day was a random weekday but still possessed an ambiance like no other. When we were seated I was served with a refreshing peach green tea. It was so delicious. For the table they offered mini corn muffins with a side of peach butter. Now people I am telling you there is something to be said about flavored butter. It’s a game changer and takes the bread from down here to up there, imagine the hand gesture. This complimented by my peach green tea equals peach-gasm. As a starter we ordered the calamari, this came recommended from a fellow guest who has been to this establishment before. The fried squid was coated in cornmeal and fashioned with sweet red and green peppers as well as scallion bits. Once you dip it into the spiced aioli, drop the mic and order another. It was perfectly fried I mean just crunchy softness with the right flavors just strutting their stuff on your tongue.

For my entrée of course I had the Burger, the steak Burger to be exact. It was house ground steak , Carolina slaw, pimento cheese, bacon and smoked poblano ranch. I am huge fan of mixing flavors however I feel there was too much going on and they were all powerful. Okay let’s break this down. The ground steak was cooked medium well and juicy. I mean it soaked the bottom bun and I didn’t think this was bad. I like a messy burger. It was lightly seasoned. Dear Chef there is other seasoning besides salt. Just saying. The Carolina slaw which was mayonnaise based should have worked. But I think they used something other than Hellmann’s. I am prejudice when it comes to mayo, its true. Nothing beats Hellman’s and no they are not paying me, I’m just a yankee HA! The next item between the buns was Pimento cheese. I like to think of Pimento cheese like the gem of the south. It’s so good with almost anything but for some reason mixed together with all the other ingredients on this burger it did not work. They fused it with the pablano ranch and I just couldn’t do it. I ate the bacon though. Can never and I mean never go wrong with bacon unless you burn it. Overall I did not enjoy the burger. But I wasn’t disappointed because of everything else.

This is just a small thing and although reviewing burgers is what I do everything else about this place was exceptional. Truly a place I will frequent often because it’s so close to home and they have peach butter!!

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