Fennin To Blow Out This Wick

Fennin to blow out this Wick

About a year ago I got tagged in a post about 5 places selected as having the best burgers in Charlotte. This year last week I decided to go and check 1 out. I was oh so disappointed. People often say how can I consider myself the burger diva when I ask for my burgers to be prepared medium well and I say because I can. I am the customer so make it happen. I love burgers and I like them…

Where Brooklyn At….

Where Brooklyn at….

Brooklyn is where I was born and where if I ever had the opportunity to move back to I would. However this weekend belonged to a bachelorette. Although she grew up in Michigan she once had a job in Brooklyn and that's when her love affair began. For me it was always there and still is but this weekend was like a new experience for me. Places I have been before but never really seen. Stops I made on the…

From Dusk Not Dawn

From Dusk not Dawn

I've eaten hear before and have really enjoyed their food. Their take on traditional southern foods with special focus on Tennessee cuisine is exciting and fresh. However today's meal left me gloomy. When it comes to food the more ingredients you add equals more flavor, right. Well today I will say less is more. I will say a breakfast sandwich should be simple. Especially if it incorporates a burger. Because a burger in itself is already grand if eaten in…

The Brass Tap

The Brass Tap

Beer and Burgers are a pair best served together, would you agree. I have had this blog for over 5 years now and most Tuesdays I go try a new spot for a good burger and beer paring. Today being Monday and the second day of Burger week here in Charlotte I went to The Brass Tap. I think that was the best decision I made all week and it just started, HA! There are over 25 participating restaurants.  Although…

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